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Category: Effectiveness

How does your Learning Platform compare to other types of learning?

There are 4 categories of education that are generally considered: Group (Classroom) Learning, Private Instruction, Online Education Modules, and Community Development.  The major factors to evaluate the efficacy of each learning platform are:  Comprehensiveness, Motivation, Cost, and Accessibility. Click here to see a graphic on the Education Categories.

Why is your platform the most effective for teaching?

Over the years, we have refined and perfected the LASER Learning System.  In a nutshell, the LASER system intricately combines comprehensive education with the central tenets of motivation that gamification employs.  This leads to the passionate pursuit and resultant assimilation of education and/or skill development. Click here to learn more about LASER Learning.

Category: Benefits and Concerns

Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts is one of the rare programs that equally focuses on physical, mental, and emotional development.  Martial Arts has always been a time-honored activity that can lead to personal empowerment. Click here to see some of our articles expanding on the benefits of a good Martial Arts program.

Why Believing Through Achieving?

If you have read through the EFFECTIVENESS section of the FAQ’s, you know that through years of research and development, BTA has effectively “hacked” the skill development time of Martial Arts training.  On top of that, BTA embraces “Toe-in-the-water” training.  Typical Martial Arts programs require a large psychological and financial commitment to even get started.  With BTA, you can take it one week and one challenge at a time.

How does it work?

We have distilled the Martial Arts skills required for the various belts into a scientifically-designed set of physical challenges.  Each of these challenges becomes more progressively difficult and requires an increasing amount focus, coordination, and tenacity to conquer each one.  We have also included all the educational and training tools to develop the skills required to conquer each challenge, which the user can use any way that they want to.  The best way to understand our revolutionary system is to just try it.  That is why we offer a free trial period with no cost or obligation.

Who is this for?

Martial Arts was always for the struggling members of society (physical, mental, or emotional) in order to feel empowered to live the life they want.  Unfortunately, due to our average monthly tuition (for our studio locations) being $200+/mo, many people couldn’t take advantage of the benefits (cost and distance).  Generally, it was the people that needed it most.  We started Believing Through Achieving so that we can help the people who are suffering most.

How much will it cost after the trial period?

Since Achieve Martial Arts runs a similar program for its regular business at its regular tuition rates, we are not posting the monthly tuition.  BTA only want students who have been marginalized to have access to our non-profit rates.  When you enter your email address and affirm that you believe that you fall under this category, you will receive an access code that will provide you with a free trial as well as show you the deeply discounted monthly tuition.

How are you able to keep the prices low?

We were able to attract benefactors who are tremendous advocates for the benefit of Martial Arts.  This helps in providing this innovative “Private Instruction” type training at a very affordable cost.

Are there any other costs I should know about?

The only other costs would be for (if desired) the purchase of belts and other apparel.  None of these are required to buy.  The only other required purchase (after a year of training) is a heavy punching bag so that the student understands contact.

How Do I Cancel?

To cancel, login to your account, then select ‘Account’ on the top right navigation.  Once in your account menu, select ‘Subscriptions’ in the left selection menu.  On your active subscription, click ‘View’ to the right.  Once on your subscription page, scroll down and select the grey ‘Cancel’ button.  Your cancellation will be effective immediately.

What Devices Would I Need?

Any phone or tablet that allows you to record yourself.

How Much Time Do I Need to Practice?

Consistency is the most important thing.  “Move at the Speed of You”.

Doesn’t Martial Arts training lead to aggression and possibly violence?

Students that have used Martial Arts training to fuel aggression and violence were most likely trained that way.  Our platform is designed to build self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-respect.  Students that build those qualities do not engage in violent behavior… quite the opposite.

Category: Vocations

Are there any benefits to doing this besides getting good at Martial Arts?

Absolutely!  Our primary goal when creating Believing Through Achieving was not to only provide affordable, private instruction to the less fortunate, but in addition, to provide a meaningful and virtuous career path that enables the student to mentor and guide future generations!  We want to empower and provide a roadmap so that anyone can work themselves to a better situation.

Can I really develop a meaningful income from this, no matter where I live or my social ability?

Yes!  We spent many years developing the career infrastructure that would allow anyone (as long as they are honest, have a good work ethic, and genuinely want to help people) the ability to develop a sustainable income. Click here to see testimonials of an instructor that has been through our training and one that is currently in it.

How do I get on this career path?

The proper journey for any aspiring instructor/mentor is to “see, do, teach.”  The student would have to learn each of the challenges and perform all of them (through Orange Belt Challenges) at a minimum of a 4-star rating (This will make more sense when you do the free trial period).  After earning Purple Belt (after Orange Belt), the student can apply for the Instructor Academy, and when approved, they will learn how to grade and provide constructive feedback using our innovative “hands-on” approach.  Once the student receives “beginner-level” certification, they will get assigned beginner students to grade.  Their income will go up as they show the ability to handle more students.  The beauty of it is that one can work from home and make their own hours!

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